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Fascinated by the dynamic of a trio and the power of the number 3, Meilir's newest work explores the synchronised, the silly and the sublime. UN3D is a work that champions synchronous connection over synchronised perfection; striving for unity, harmony and balance.

Created for the National Dance Company of Wales as part of their 4x10 project (August 2023).

Performers: Faye Tan, Paulina, Porwollik and Sam Gilovitz

Lighting: Matthew Robinson

Music: Synchronicity by The Police + Unison by Björk


Charged with Joy, QWERIN is inspired by the weaving and flowing patterns of traditional Welsh folk-dancing, combined with the pulsating energy of Queer nightlife. QWERIN comments on notions of Queerness and Welshness through a contemporary dance performance celebrating culture, identity and community. To an original soundtrack by some of Wales’ most renowned musicians and costumes that give a new edge to the Welsh traditional dress, QWERIN truly is a feast for the senses.


QWERIN was created in 2021 as a commission from Articulture and the Wales Outdoor Art Consortium and was developed into a full-length work in 2022 with funding support from Arts Council Wales and additional support from the National Dance Company of Wales.


Director and Choreographer: Osian Meilir

Performers: Bethan Cooper, Cêt Haf, Deborah Light, Elan Elidyr, Mike Williams, Osian Meilir, Richard Pye with Samiwel Humphreys (Shamoniks)

Design Team: Becky Davies and Amy Barrett

Music Composition: Tic Ashfield, Benjie Talbott and Shamoniks

Mentor: Marc Rees

Producer: Sophie Holland

Film by Eddie Adamson Film and Guto Thomas

An additional thanks to Saoirse Anton and Hanna Lyn Hughes for their support.

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Palmant | pridd (PAVEMENT | PASTURE)

Palmant | Pridd explores the the identity of a young person and their relationship with two very different places. Raising questions around identity and the importance of place in relation to our identity, can we exist, and be content, in two very different places at the same time? What happens when both worlds collide? What effect does labelling within society have on us as we try to find harmony between two opposing worlds and within ourselves?

Created for Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch in July 2018 under their ‘6x1’ programme to encourage and support young artists to create new work.

Choreographer and Performer: Osian Meilir

Film / Projection by Gwenllian Llwyd

Lighting Design by Elanor Higgins

Past Performances (2018, 2019):

19/7/18 - Canolfan Arad Goch, Aberystwyth

20/3/19 - Opening Doors Festival, Aberystwyth

9/8 /19 - Mas ar y Maes, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol

Technical Manager: Marc Thomas

Mentor: Jeremy Turner


Created as his final presentation of work for his degree at Trinity Laban in 2016, Milk and Two Sugars is a ‘trip down memory’ lane to find the similarities in our differences. Exploring the memory of home, it displays the beauty in the ordinary deeds and daily rituals, celebrating culture, tradition, and how these influence and sculpt us as individuals. It is the bringing together of people from different places and celebrating this unity.

Performers: Giulia Avino, Charlie Dunne, Blanche Jandin, Loren McKillop

Mentor: Marina Collard

Performances (2016):

12/5/16 - Laban Centre, Deptford

18/6/16 - Abeerance, Platform Southwark, London

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