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QWERIN: Q = Queer + GWERIN (welsh) = FOLK

Charged with Joy, QWERIN is inspired by the weaving and flowing patterns of traditional Welsh folk-dancing, combined with the pulsating energy of Queer nightlife. QWERIN is back in fresh form this year, commenting on notions of Queerness and Welshness through a contemporary dance performance which celebrates culture, identity and community. To an original soundtrack by some of Wales’ most renowned musicians and costumes that give a new edge to the Welsh traditional dress, QWERIN truly is a feast for all senses.


QWERIN was created in 2021 as a commission from Articulture and the Wales Outdoor Art Consortium and was developed into a full-length work for six dancers in 2022 with funding support from Arts Council Wales and additional support from the National Dance Company of Wales. QWERIN is now taking bookings for touring in 2023.

Performance Dates 2024:


Saturday 2nd @13.00 

Qwerin Bach - Jubilee Square, Abertillery

Sunday 3rd @10.30 + 13.30 

Qwerin Bach - Cosy Croner, Porthcawl

Saturday 9th @13.00

Qwerin bach - Welfare Park, Maesteg

Thursday 14th @9.30 +16.15

QWERIN - Opening Doors Festival, Aberystwyth


Saturday 15th @(time tbc)

QWERIN -  Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff


2nd + 3rd + 4th @(time tbc)

Qwerin Bach - SPRAOI, Waterford, Ireland

Saturday 24th @(time tbc)

Qwerin Ar Droed - Between the Trees, Merthyr Mawr

Monday 26th @(time tbc)

QWERIN - Summer Sounds, King's Cross, London



more dates will be announced soon...


Qwerin (bach)

‘Qwerin (bach)’ is the original version created in 2021 for 3 performers.


QWERIN is the fully realised version of the work. It’s a piece for 6 performers. A live musician interjects synthesised sounds and layered instrumental tracks as the piece unfolds. Based on the same principles and structures as ‘Qwerin (bach)’, QWERIN is the fullest version of the work.

Qwerin ar Droed

Qwerin ar Droed is a promenade performance of the spectacle dance performance, QWERIN.  Many figures, dressed in a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Welsh costume float, glide and step between the guests with humour, mischief and magic. The brightly coloured skirts and the ominous presence of the oversized Welsh hats bring mystery and elegance to any event. Be in awe as they twirl, join them for a jig or simply watch them pose as they attempt to blend into their new surroundings.


Director and Choreographer: Osian Meilir



Qwerin Bach: Cêt Haf, Elan Elidyr a Osian Meilir

QWERIN: Bethan Laura Cooper, Cêt Haf, Deborah Light, Elan Elidyr, Mike Williams, Osian Meilir, Richard Pye with Samiwel Humphreys (Shamoniks)

Design Team: Becky Davies and Amy Barrett

Music Composition: Tic Ashfield, Benjie Talbott and Shamoniks

Marketing: Ceri Puckett (2023)

Mentor: Marc Rees

Co-Producer adn Tour Manager: Sophie Holland (2023)

Film by Eddie Adamson Film and Guto Thomas

An additional thanks to Saoirse Anton Hanna Lyn Hughes for their support.

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