Meilir’s up-bringing in rural West Wales and his fascination with different cultures, traditions and backgrounds feeds his creativity and inspires his work. His works so far explore the notions of identity, home, roots, place, community and nationality. Meilir likes the idea of bringing people together from different places and backgrounds and finding a commonality, through the sharing of memories, stories, nostalgia and emotion. Embracing unity and harmony, within ourselves and with eachother, Meilir celebrates the beauty, simplicity and power of human connection.

Photography: Amber Mae



Meilir created this work for Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch in July 2018 under their ‘6x1’ programme to encourage and support young artists to create new work. This particular solo is based on the identity of a young gay man and his relationship with two very different places. Raising questions about his identity and how important is place in relation to our identity? Can we exist, and be content, in two very different places at the same time? What happens when both worlds collide?  What effect does labelling within society have on us as we try to find harmony between two opposing worlds and within ourselves?


Created as his final presentation of work for his degree at Trinity Laban in 2016, Milk and Two Sugars is a ‘trip down memory’ lane to find the similarities in our differences. Exploring the memory of home, it displays the beauty in the ordinary deeds and daily rituals, celebrating culture, tradition, and how these influence and sculpt us as individuals. It is the bringing together of people from different backgrounds and celebrating this unity. 


M.A. Dance Performance - Thesis

“A Welshman’s Perspective: An investigation into the ifluence of cultural background upon one’s approach to performance and the creative process.”

 © 2019 by Osian Meilir.

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